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 About Ordering from Endless Knot

To Order
Please print and mail the completed Order Form/s, along with a check, and fabric if needed. Be sure to include your check with the Order Form. Orders without a check cannot be considered valid. Unfortunately we are unable to accept credit cards at this time. Please note that there are two different pdf Order Forms.

      Please use
Order Form 1 for the following:

                Cushions and lay robes, underrobes - made from fabric provided by Endless Knot

 Dai Bosatsu-style robes from fabric provided by you

      Please use Order Form 1-c if you are ordering only cushions

      Please use Order Form 1-r if you are ordering only lay robes or underrobes


      Please use Order Form 2 for the following, for which you will have to provide your own fabric:

 Monastic robes, kimonos, kesas, rakusus

 Rakusu and kesa covers—fabric provided by Endless Knot

It is very important to provide full and correct measurements. We need to be able to contact you in case some of the measurements need adjustment. Please, therefore, include your e-mail address.

Products are mailed by USPS Priority Mail. If you wish FedEx delivery, please let us know your account number or include extra funds for mailing. Mailing of some oversized boxes may not be covered by the standard mailing fees and may need extra postage. In that case we will contact you. Please contact us by e-mail concerning mailing fees for monastic robes and kesas, as well as international orders.

How long does it take?
We are usually able to fill orders within three weeks; sometimes much sooner. The most time-consuming projects are kesas and monastic robes. These items should be worked on without rushing, so please allow more time for them. If you know when they are needed, it is best to order several months in advance.

E-mail: infoEK@AOL.com


Thank you very much for ordering from Endless Knot.

                With gassho,

                Ekyo Urszula Sapeta