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Can you imagine an existence when you are so powerful that you can move an entire universe with the touch of a finger or with one word, yet are not able to lift up even a slightly heavy box, among other things? And to survive you are running a business which requires mailing boxes, sometimes bigger than one's body? In this life I happened to be in such a condition.

Help does come endlessly! 

It comes when you ask for it and it comes unexpected from unexpected people. Sometimes I see it as it comes; sometimes it takes years before one realizes the significance of a helping gift. I feel very overwhelmed by all the compassion and help coming from all directions. And even endless thanks cannot express my gratitude.

It is impossible to mention all of the Bodhisattvas here, but, please allow me to mention just a few of them.

I met Daikyu Dan Thompson in the spring of 1992, in one of my first sesshins at Dai Bosatsu Zendo. Since then he has been my best friend and the most helpful being in my everyday life here in Rochester. He is one of those rare people one can rely on 100% and always does what he says he will do. I cannot possibly thank him enough for endless rides to sesshins, to stores to buy supplies needed for my business, and for food, and for hundreds other tasks he helps me with. Most of all for his loyalty and sharing of his time and heart.

Due to having a computer I am able to express this and share my words in the form of a website. The first one came thanks to the generosity of few friends from Choboji Sangha in Seattle: Gentetsu Steven Grant, Genko Kathy Blackman, Genjo Marinello Osho and Linda Knower together bought me an old MAC with all the necessary software. Gentetsu created my first webpage and hosted it on his own website, endlessly correcting the Endless Knot order form    for over the last ten years or so. Thank you very much!

These days I am using a new Dell, and other hardware given to me by my Polish friend, Andrzej Baranski,and Seth Kircher. Thank you for your giving heart.

The inspiration to learn how to create my own website came from several friends, but most of all it was Sunyana Sensei, from the Vermont Zen Center, who last year created and expanded my one page website to the present size. She also designed and produced hundreds of Endless Knot brochures, which one day arrived in the mail as a surprise.            

Finally I was able to acquire needed software for this new computer, again thanks to Gentetsuís help and now am able to use it myself. Thank you, all my website Bodhisattvas!

Considering some aspects of my Endless Knot business, it would be absolutely impossible for me to manage it without the help and cooperation of staff members of the Rochester Zen Center. For years they have been helping me with getting and storing supplies, carrying heavy boxes and huge bolts of fabric and stuffing cushions. My friends, with whom I did zazen in this zendo years ago, are not here anymore. However there are always a few people who help with joy, among them Alex Fernandez, Christopher Taylor, Ed Kademan and John Pulleyn in recent days. LouAnne Jaeger has been updating my order form on the ZC website.

It would take a thick book to list all of the people from the local Sangha who have helped me in everyday life. Among them there are a few whom I cannot forget; Alan Temple, Alan McAllister, Anne Meade, Seth Kircher , Axel Karies, Magda Kietlinska, Keith Carpenter, Ben Taylor and Clare Weigel. Thank you all for your selfless help and giving.

These days I do zazen and sesshins in a different center, but the way I see it, there is only One Sangha and One Zendo.

Lastly, I cannot imagine mailing my products to customers without the help of many mailmen and UPS people who are always VERY helpful and kind to me.

There are many, many more beings, truly the entire Universe which support my life. About some of them I may not  even know. To ALL, my gratitude is endless.

With a deep bow,

                           Ekyo Urszula Sapeta