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 About Rakusus


Rakusus are an abbreviated monks' robes worn by both ordained and lay people after taking the precepts. We make three types of rakusus: traditional Rinzai, traditional Soto, and Nyoho-e Soto. Rinzai rakusus are usually longer than Soto rakusus, and there are significant differences in the front panel design.

Our rakusus are meticulously sewn from black trigger fabric and will last a lifetime. If you would prefer your rakusu to be of a different color or material, you are welcome to provide your own fabric. Linen, cotton or silk are the best choices. Be sure to note the amount of fabric required for the style of rakusu you have requested, as different styles need different quantities of fabric.

To protect your rakusu, we offer two styles of rakusu covers, which are also used for kesas.

Upon request, we are happy to make rakusus for teachers, which may differ in size and color as requested. Please inquire through e-mail or call for a quote.