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Koromos/Japanese Zen Monk Robes$290
These robes have wide sleeves and seven pleats in the skirt. They are traditionally worn shorter than the kimono, which is seen under the robe. The Soto style has much wider sleeves than the Rinzai style; both have a hook and loop to tie the sleeves behind the neck. Monastic robes have a wider collar than lay robes and additional pleats in the center front. In addition, individual Zen Centers have developed their own style preferences.

Priest Robes, Rochester Style$250
The Rochester Zen Center priest robe has five box pleats in the skirt and the sleeves are less wide than the traditional Japanese monastic robes.

Everyday robes are navy; ceremonial robes are black. You will need to provide your own fabric—8˝ yards for an average height person.

Other Robes
For other styles of robes, including shinigi ceremonial robe, please inquire by e-mail or phone.

Everyday robes are navy or black. Shinigi is made from a transparent fabric; the best is polyester or silk chiffon.

Fabrics appropriate for monastic robes are the following:

          Black cotton lightweight or gauze for summer

          Medium weight cotton, cotton dress twill, linen, wool, or poly/cotton mixture for winter

Fabric requirements:
45 inches wide fabric—10 yards
55 or 60 inch wide—about 7˝ to 8 yards