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Endless Knot provides brown and black fabric.

Dai Bosatsu Style   Rochester Style


Dai Bosatsu Zendo Style$180
The DBZ robe has five pleats in the skirt, three pleats in the back of skirt and two in front. The top of robe has a box pleat in the center of the back. The front of the robe has an overlap with the traditional Japanese kimono collar. The sleeves are wide, and sewn about 7" in the bottom hemline, which forms sleeve pockets. There is a waistband, and two long ties to wrap around the waist.

Dai Bosatsu robes are made from a brown, lightweight poly/cotton fabric and can also be made from fabric which you provide. The colors acceptable in this zendo are navy, brown and grey. The amount of fabric needed depends on your height: 5 - 6 yards if the fabric is 55 or 60 inches wide; 7 - 8 yards if the fabric is 45 inches wide.

Fabrics appropriate for these robes are the following:

        Cotton twill, medium weight or Poly/cotton twill

        Wool or Linen

        Mixtures of linen/rayon, cotton/rayon

Other fabrics so long as they are not too thick. In certain places several layers of fabric are stitched together and this poses a problem with heavy fabrics.


Rochester Zen Center Style$180
Custom-fitted sitting robe in a simpler, more Americanized version than the traditional robe. The skirt has three box pleats in the center of the back and on both sides. The back of the blouse does not have a pleat. The sleeves are completely open and narrower than the DBZ style robe. 

RZC robes are made from a brown, lightweight poly/cotton fabric which was chosen by the Rochester Zen Center. You can provide a different fabric if you wish, but the color needs to match the fabric currently in use in Rochester.