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We hand sew two styles of kesas and bowing cloths, or zagus. Both kesas and bowing cloths are made from fabric which you provide and are made according to your exact size and specifications.

Soto Style Kesas for monks are traditionally made of seven panels with two loops for tying. Teachers occasionally request kesas of nine panels, which we can also make.

Rinzai Style Kesas for teachers have a slightly different design than those for monks. The Rinzai kesa has hook and circle attached to a flap with two tassels for tying.

Bowing Cloths (zagu) differ in the Rinzai and Soto traditions, with the Rinzai generally being somewhat larger.

Covers for your kesa and zagu are made in two different styles. Please see below for more information or click here.

The size of the kesa rectangle is determined by the person’s height, or more traditionally, by using the length of the arm. If you have well-fitted kesa, please send the dimensions. We can determine the exact amount of fabrics needed on the basis of those measurements.

Fabric Requirements
Kesa and Zagu Border:
Average fabric requirements for a kesa and borders of the matching zagu are about 5½ yards of 55-60" wide fabric. If the fabric is 45" wide, 7 yards of fabric is needed. For the main part of the kesa lightweight linen, cotton, or silk are appropriate. However this entirely your choice.

Zagu Backing:
1½ yards
of lightweight white, off-white, or beige linen is required for the backing.

For a Soto Kesa, 2 yards of rope are needed. The ties can also be made from fabric.

For a Rinzai Kesa for monks 2 black, 4" long tassels, a metal circle and a hook are needed.

For Teacher’s Kesa, please call for advice on tassels, rope and circle.

Kesa Covers

We make two styles of covers for kesas:

The Envelope Style, mostly used in the Soto tradition, is made from black trigger lined with different colors of lining material— $50.00
The Pouch Bag is a simple rectangle-shaped bag, open on one side—$45.00