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Endless Knot provides high quality zazen cushions and robes for Buddhist groups and individuals. Our products are sewn to your specifications with a wide variety of fabrics. We look forward to working with you.

Endless Knot was established in 1972 at the Rochester Zen Center to fill a need for high quality zazen mats (zabuton), cushions (zafus), and sitting robes. Within a short time the demand for these items was so great that a full-time staff person was needed to keep up with the orders. Urszula Sapeta came from Poland in 1980 to practice at the Rochester Zen Center and, with her exceptional sewing skills, was asked to manage the growing business.

After many years on staff, Urszula left to devote herself to “sewing zazen.” She is now a student of Eido Roshi and maintains her Zen practice along with sewing Zen-related items for many different Zen Centers and individuals.

                                                                                                 Ekyo Urszula Sapeta